Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You All

Thank you all for making such heart felt cards.  It was very sweet of you all.  They really do makes me feel better.  My sister Joy was an amazing woman who had compassion for all.  She was my big sister and she always will be.  She is especially missed by her husband, two sons, daughters-in-laws  and grandkids. Like you wrote in the cards, she will live in our hearts.   Sincerely, Mrs. Berg

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Sister Joy

Mrs. Berg writes with a saddened heart:  My oldest sister Joy, died Monday night in CA of ALS. It was a surprise to everyone that it went so quickly. She ate out last Tuesday with friends and was starting to have difficulty breathing. On Friday she had hospice started and oxygen. She talked with difficulty this weekend and said which she needed to say to her family and friends. She did not wake up on Monday and sleep through until her final breath on Monda night. Joy was at peace and ready to meet her final glory with those who went before. My two sisters, brother and I will go out next week for her memorial.  She was a stong care giver and a great friend, mother,grandmother, sister and wife.  Bless her memory.